Best Stuff EVER!

"I've tried a lot of product over the past few years....expensive and cheap and could never find the right stuff. It either left me feeling greasy, or had no hold, or smelled too strong, or began to clump up in the container after a few weeks. Artisan does NONE of that stuff! Perfect amount of hold, it dries to soft; not greasy, and the scent is perfect."

- Randall G.


NIRVANA is a blend of exotic smells that are grounding and musky and remind you of the smell of real leather, adventure, and pure manliness. This all natural, non-overpowering, handcrafted scent puts you in the mood for anything awesome. Great for a professional environment, or a night out with friends. 

Scented with black pepper, vanilla, vetiver, and other 100% pure essential oils


Our Cavendish scent is handcrafted from real tobacco! Cavendish is made with a custom blend of real pipe tobacco only found in our region of the USA. Our Cavendish Blend is a deliciously bold and addicting scent of rich tobacco, spices, and vanilla. 

Log Cabin Joins the Beardworks Family!

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Announcing... the Big Beard Box!

Our box sets are the most popular item that we offer! That's why we are so excited to announce the Big Bead Box! This new box set contains: 1 oz B...

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